Here you'll find information about courses Dr, Indralingam teaches . He was an Associate Professor in Mathematics and a former Chairman of the Department of Mathematics at the University of Moratuwa, Srilanka.

In addition  he was a visting faculty member in the Institution of Engineers, University of Colombo and also a senior consultant to Open University of Sri Lanka.He was  also a  Visting Associate Professor at the Illinois State University amd Lock Haven University of Pensilvania

Dr Indralingam  served in many academic committees, who developed couses in Managment Science, Mathematics , Statistics and computing, He was instrumental in starting a graduate progarm in Operations Reserach in Sri Lanka

Courses and Programs 

Mangement Science



radial02_red.gif Opertaions Managment

radial02_red.gif Introduction to Probability and Statistics

radial02_red.gif Discrete Mathematics

radial02_red.gif Supply Chain Management

radial02_red.gif Design of Experiments

radial02_red.gif Calculus

radial02_red.gif Operations Research

radial02_red.gif Multivariate Statitics

radial02_red.gifNumerical Methods

radial02_red.gif Decision Support Systems


radial02_red.gif Topics in Mathematics 

radial02_red.gif Project Management