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  Krishnamurti`s stature as an  original  philosopher, attracted       non-traditional and   traditional       thinkers and   philosophers alike.      Heads of various religious organizations held discussions with him, only to hear him repeat his central theme that authority in whatever form”religious, psychological or political”is a hindrance to seeing the truth; man has to be his own guru to bring about psychological transformation.

...." In 1984 he spoke to nuclear scientists at the National Laboratory Research Center at Los Alamos, New Mexico, U.S.A. David Bohm Ph.D., the quantum physicist and friend of Einstein, recognized in Krishnamurti's teachings parallels with his own revolutionary theories of physics. This led to many years of dialogue between the two men. In 1980 a series of conversations took place between Krishnamurti and Bohm, which began with the question 'Has humanity taken a wrong turn . . .?' These conversations were later compiled into the book, The Ending of Time.


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The Indian spiritual master Vimala Thakar,     whom we featured in our Fall/Winter 1996     issue of What Is Enlightenment?, is best     known in Europe and the US as a strikingly     independent and powerful teacher of spiritual     awakening. Indeed, we at What Is Enlightenment? believe that she is perhaps the most enlightened woman in the world today. But what many may not know is that Thakar is also a passionately committed social activist. Deeply influenced by the teachings of both J. Krishnamurti and Mahatma Gandhi, Thakar embodies the essence of enlightened consciousness and social responsibility?the two usually divergent streams of personal awakening and social advocacy seamlessly blending into the one indefatigable torrent of her life. And in both spheres, not unlike her mentors, she is a complete revolutionary. Her life and her teaching burn with the fire of the inner revolution of spirit that she feels is the only true foundation for a revolution of society.




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